Experienced Legal Counsel for Child Visitation Matters

Parents who are in the process of divorcing, parents who have never married, and parents who have been divorced for any length of time may face disagreements and disputes concerning visitation. Generally, when one parent has physical custody of a child, the other parent spends time with his or her child through visitation. The visitation may be set on a fixed schedule, which is optimum for parents who wish to minimize their personal contact or communication with one another or who wish to have arrangements which are legally binding. In the case of parents who can easily communicate, they may make arrangements between themselves that are more flexible and based more closely on the needs and schedules of both children and parents. This latter type of visitation is called “reasonable visitation.”

You may need legal assistance in arranging a parenting plan or visitation schedule or may be involved in a dispute over visitation rights. When you choose to work with Attorney Greenberg and our team, you will benefit from our extensive legal experience, both in and out of the courtroom, in handling Massachusetts custody and visitation issues. We represent both mothers and fathers in disputes and have earned a respected reputation for strong and effective legal representation in trials concerning these issues.