Legal Assistance with Modifications to Massachusetts Court Orders

Like anyone else, the lives of divorced and unmarried parents and their children are subject to change. Many events can occur which can substantially alter the financial and other circumstances of an ex-spouse required to make alimony payments or a parent with children, from loss of employment, serious injury or illness, remarriage, the birth and responsibility for additional children, dramatic increases in wages or income resources, or the necessity to relocate for a better job or professional opportunity or for some other vital reason. In such cases, an individual may need to seek a modification, reduction, or termination of an existing court order concerning mandatory alimony payments, child support, or established child custody and visitation rights.

In such cases, a material change in circumstances must be demonstrated to the courts to effect such a modification. When you contact Attorney Greenberg, you can discuss your new circumstances with a Danvers divorce lawyer who can advise you on the matter and help you take appropriate legal action. Our attorneys are well-versed in the laws, precedents, and procedures involved in seeking and obtaining such modifications.