Helping Clients Resolve Divorce and Family Law Disputes through Mediation

Mediation is an alternate dispute resolution method which can be used in divorce cases where couples are in dispute about one or more of the legal issues involved. These issues can involve child custodyvisitationalimony, how marital property will be divided and distributed, or any other issue pertinent to the dissolution of the marriage which must be resolved. Because it takes place outside of the courtroom and does not involve litigation, court schedules, and the determination of a judge, it is less costly, less time-consuming, and less emotionally stressful to the divorcing parties. Those couples who are willing to cooperate, problem-solve, and engage in constructive communication with the help of a neutral third party will find mediation to be a useful method of reaching a divorce agreement.

Attorney Greenberg and our legal team are highly experienced at providing legal help with the mediation process. A divorce mediator acts a s a neutral third party who is not allowed to give legal advice but can clarify the issues being negotiated. At our firm, a North Shore Boston divorce attorney can offer legal advice and guidance outside of mediation sessions concerning the various terms negotiated to ensure that they are fair, reasonable, and in the best interests of your finances and your children. If you are interested in handling your divorce through mediation, we recommend that you contact the firm so that we can help you get started.