Contested Divorce

Are you involved in a disputed divorce action in the North Shore Boston area?

Divorce can be a painful process, causing tumultuous times for you and your children. All types of difficult emotions can arise, from resentment, revenge, and anger to fear, confusion, and guilt. Emotionally-charged divorces can led to disputes over various issues between spouses which cannot be resolved. These disputes may lead to the necessity of courtroom litigation, where each side must present his or her case to a judge who will make a determination, based on the evidence produced. In such instances, how your case is resolved may depend on the skill, commitment, and ability of your attorney.

Attorney Greenberg has both negotiated and mediated divorce settlements between spouses as well as represented clients in courtroom trials in contested divorce cases for decades. The 34 years of legal experience of our attorney represents a vast amount of knowledge, skills, and effective results in Massachusetts divorce and family law. Our firm is dedicated to helping you resolve your contested divorce in the most efficient manner possible. While most divorce cases are settled outside of court, if courtroom litigation is required to protect and enforce your legal rights, your case will be in the hands of a skilled legal professional. A Danvers divorce lawyer at the firm will act as your adamant representative throughout the process and will make every effort to achieve the most positive outcome.