Child Custody

Protecting Your Parental Rights in Massachusetts Custody Cases

If parents in a pending divorce, paternity case, or post-divorce situation are in a dispute over child custody, they will need to resort to a family court to decide how custody arrangements will be made. Child custody can be a highly-charged emotional issue, causing undue stress on parents and children alike. At stake are issues of where and with whom a child will live, who will make the important decisions concerning the child’s health, education, and welfare, and how children will remain in continuing contact with a noncustodial parent.

Here at our firm, we have extensive experience in handling child custody cases and have a reputation for staunch and aggressive representation in custody trials. If you are involved in a legal dispute over custody, we recommend that you make an appointment to discuss your situation with a North Shore Boston divorce attorney at the firm. We can review the facts and circumstances of your dispute, advise you on the legal factors involved, and prepare your case and represent you in court where necessary.